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mobile applications

IconToday it is vital to get your website onto mobile devices. TechMeridian will work with you make your mobile site a success.

Beyond websites, Smartphones and Tablets have become useful business tools that go way beyond email and browsing. Apps on mobile devices can extend the reach of your current desktop apps when you are out in the field or on the road. Whether you choose to go Native or Web driven with your mobile app, TechMeridian will provide the necessary skills to bring you app to life. We can deploy to the Android (our personal choice), and partner with developers to deploy to the iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, & the WebOS platforms. Contact us today to get stated!

Did you know TechMeridian can build & deploy your mobile apps on multiple platforms at the same time?

Stay tuned for our own mobile application service coming this fall. It will enable you to interact with your real world neighbors to borrow and rent items from one another.

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